24 July 2011


The boys have had a busy week building walls and a good portion of the lower level is 4 bales high.  While MOTH, AC and UK play with straw, Fuzzy builds the intermediate boxing that sits on top of the first round of baling, and assists with the compressing of bales, before the next 4 rows are placed.

The corner where the first bale was laid.
Fuzzy constructing the boxing

Outside K1's bedroom.
MOTH splitting a bale in K2's bedroom

... to make it fit perfectly!
A bite-size is cut out...

Coming soon... how to split a bale.

19 July 2011

The baling begins...

Celebrations today... the first bale was laid!

The photos below show the process to date, where boxing has been built around the edges and fitted with straps (much of which was prepared by our oh so helpful K2), then stuffed with insulation materials by Nama and topped with a sheet of ply. 

Weeks of work went into this special occasion... MOTH and Fuzzy are very proud to lay down that first bale!


Finally, let me introduce our guests from left Teddybear and Tinkerbell... our treasured and adorable side attraction.


We've had a busy week or so moving bales into more useful locations, constructing a ginormous raincoat around the perimeter and generally preparing for laying the bales. 

Plus there was great excitement when we saw our first door had been fitted, even tho it's just from garage to porch!


14 July 2011

More Straw...

We took delivery of 180 bales today.  With only MOTH and UK (MOTH'S bro) available to offload the truck, LOTH was needed to step up as the liquid sunshine grew heavier... but later took advantage of the giant size "bed" of hay in the kitchen for a micro nap afterwards!

The final delivery of approx 400 bales is Saturday 23rd.

09 July 2011

Hay Hay it's Straw Day... yay

We had our first delivery of straw bales today (408 to be exact) and thanks to our early bird helpers,the truck was unloaded within the hour!  Amazing!!!  Lunch ended up happening mid morning and some of the helpers were able to get on with the rest of their day before noon.  Other vollies, including some of us latecomers, continued on shifting bales to different areas of the house and tidying up the loose straw... which was everywhere!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who came along today.  We are eternally grateful for your kindness.

But guess what...?  we get to do it all over again in 2 weeks time.  Anyone interested in joining the fun should arrive by 8:30am on 23 July... when we take delivery of another full load.

Actually, to make up the complete order, we're receving 200 bales this Thursday too, relying pretty much on the cheap labour which is often available during the school hols.  Visitors welcome!

02 July 2011

Straw Bales are coming

We're all very excited... the first delivery of straw bales is scheduled for Saturday, 9 July 2011 (with round #2 a week later).  Anyone interested in coming along to help unload the truck & move our precious cargo safely undercover will be most welcome. 

MOTH is fashioning some sort of conveyer belt to make it easier on our backs.  BYO wellies and gloves.  UPDATE: apparently the truck can be reversed in quite close to the house, so it shouldn't be such a tricky job after all :)

Nama is planning a lunchtime feast and liquid gold for all helpers 18+ and something soft for the rest.  We'd love to see you there, even if it's just to take a squizz at what's been achieved so far.