26 January 2013

We're Floored...

I'll let the pics speak for themselves, but have to say... I LOVE THE BAMBOO FLOORING!!!

19 January 2013

Tool Time...

What an exciting day... LOTH has graduated to using power tools!!!  Lucky me got to play with the orbitol sander... woo hoo... so much more satisfying than "cleaning"!  ...and when I ran out of things to sand, I had (slightly less) fun filling holes with goop so that tomorrow I can do some more sanding!

On a more casual note, here's what the east side of the house looks like without the scaffold...

... and kitchen with the slightly adjusted island bench.

... and first showing of outside balustrade.

Last Weekend...

We've had a productive week or so but there's been hiccups with loading up pics on blogger... so here's our update. 

MOTH & Fuzzy have been very creative putting together our beautiful window sills, made using the same materials as our flooring.  We have decided on a bamboo floating floor and the sills using the same bamboo lengths together with custom made bull-nose edging look fantastic.  There's still a bit of work to be done to finish off tho.
LOTH has been cleaning muck off windows
& sliding doors...
they look so much purdier without
all the dried up render.

Internal scaff has been re-hired so that AC can reach higher heights in the field of painting.

And a new addition last weekend... a Panel Lifter was hired to assist MOTH and Fuzzy to fit eave boards, kindly pre-painted by Nama.

02 January 2013

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2013... here's our update...

Things have been a bit slower since MOTH took ill, but we're still making good progress. 

The plastering was finished mid December and lots of painting has been done since. 

Nama has stained the outside balustrade ready for installation. 

All internal doors and some of the architraving has been fitted too.

The cabinetry has been installed and looks just fabulous... thanks Greg & Wendy!!!

We all really appreciate your expertise!

In the past week we hired a 2m scaff and AC has been working hard each day painting the ceilings and hard to reach areas.

More hot days to come peoples!