05 February 2012


LOTH here... just reporting I had an awesome day in the sunshine yesterday working the land.  Spent 4+ hours riding Caddy to try and make a difference to the state of our block.  We had a verbal warning from the Shire recently, telling us we had to clean up our act or they'd slap a Fire Hazard notice on us.  So we hired a slasher to do the bits we couldn't reach, and between Fuzzy on the trusty tractor and me on Caddy, we've whipped the place back into shape... to the best of our ability.  However, thanks to a rogue (illegal) dirt dumper last year, we now have a splendiferous display of blackberries which Nama is working hard to kill, and it's difficult to make those areas look tidy.

I also need to mention our awesome neighborhood as we've all noticed just how much of a community feel the local area has.  I finally met our closest neighbor yesterday and am delighted we've chanced on such a lovely family to live next to.  We've had countless drop-ins from many of our new neighbors (all of whom are so friendly) as well as local walkers (big and small), and inquisitive folk who simply drop in to see what's doing.  Love it! 

Just as you'd expect, everyone is asking the same ol' question... when will the house be finished and ready for occupation?  Well... that's a curious question and one I'd like the answer to myself.  MOTH is keeping things close to his chest right now, cos we had originally planned to be in for Christmas 2011 and well... that didn't happen as you know, and to avoid further disappointment, he's simply not prepared to put a date on the line.  So we're just plodding along in a positive manner, trying not to allow the delays to concern us too much.  ha ha

Essentially, the setback is due to the fiddly process of finishing the window framing and doorways.  It never occured to MOTH and Fuzzy that this part of the construction would take 10 times longer than expected.  But we're close... real close to finishing that task.  The next job... rendering... will be a massive hands-on mission for all of us, but once that's complete, we can get some tradies in and progress should be much faster from then.

In the past week, the blokes have installed several sliding doors.  Like most new events in this project, the first door took a day and a half to fit, but the subsequent doors only took a few hours each.  They're learning something new every day... and enjoying each moment of the experience.

I also had the pleasure of eyeballing our 5 loos, 4 shower bases and 5 bathroom fans, not to mention the plethora of unknown goods sitting in storage.

Until next time...