23 October 2012

Hic... the wagon wheel

I've outdone myself peoples... today I picked up my craftiest eBay purchase - and what a beauty.  You may recall from the previous post that I mentioned a light fitting?  Well, it's gonna be made from this...
... and what an amusing time I had loading it into my small car... the only way possible being via the front passenger door, past the gear shift which had to be moved to the lowest posi, over the fully reclined driver's seat and wedged behind with the seat returned to its correct position.  Fortunately, it sat there happily for the trip home but getting it out again was quite tricky.

Now for the really fun part... making the light fitting.  Again, stay tuned.

21 October 2012

We're getting plastered...

The house is now two thirds plastered and looking great. While the inside scaff was in place to fit the plaster (see right photo), we also painted the walls our chosen colour - Dulux Buff half strength.  At the same time, the powered window winders were fitted to the two clerestory windows that open in that central area.  The hanging chain is waiting for the light fitting that we're creating as a group... stay tuned.

Moth & Fuzzy have been installing shower bases, mini LED lights in the stairwells and other bits and bobs.

Fit out continues as deliveries arrive and the ever so helpful chippies produce door frames & instal the doors for us.
And my ultimate purchase so far... the vanity for our powder room... off eBay... for a cool $62.  Thanks MOTH and Ian for taking the time to dismantle the beast from its former home and deliver to the pantry on Friday night :)

10 October 2012

Ten days since workplace accident...

Ooops... Fuzzy had a rotten time last week after coming off worse following an altercation with the table saw.  After being sent home three times from the local public hospital, he finally had his pinky operated on Friday.

Here is Fuzzy recuperating in his favourite chair...
Fuzzy has promised to be more careful... he might not be so lucky next time!