24 April 2013

We've made a list & checked it thrice.  Thankfully it's only a one page list that is now almost half complete.  This list you ask ??? is everything we can think of that needs to be done to get an Occupancy Permit for the house.  Yes, there's the odd task that's gonna take some hard yakka (we're trying to put those ones off til later) and some that are out of our hands, but we're slowly working through it.

Most light fittings are installed.
K1's butterflys go nice with
her Cork flooring
Tasks completed are:
Slab for the Hot Water Services
(plural) has been laid

The delicate procedure of fitting
the kitchen extractor to the
strawbale wall
... now which color splashback ???

So much angst over the front door...
but it's now stained and
the varnishing is nearly finished

Trenching & pipework to
the Poo Pipe (Worm Farm)

Feeding the worms manually
until the wastewater system
is commissioned

K2's Blue Room

"Soldiers" - inspection points
along the pipework

AC's Penthouse is lookin' good.
All the cabinetry is finished

This pic reminds me of the Colorbond ad on TV, except in this case you can't actually see the roof.  When I look up, I see the walls I built and rendered, which I later physically climbed to the very top of the scary-high scaffold to paint the eaves, and I even cleaned those damn windows.  What a beautiful sight!

Thanks to AC for playing Photographer during my convalescence.