17 March 2013

For those who have nothing better to do...

Yes... we're constantly working on the house and sometimes overworked and overtired by our everyday lives to update the blog, so here's the latest news.

MOTH has been methodically filling the gaps around the window sills and making the wall joins nice and even, particularly where plaster meets a strawbale wall.  Some of the internal strawbale walls that we're keeping in their natural state have also had their two coats of Earth Binder.  This is an acrylic based non-toxic sealer used to dust-seal and strengthen, without changing the surface appearance and vapour permeability.  My experience with the supplier, Tech-Dry deserves 5 stars and I cannot recommend them more highly. 

Just for those interested, Tech-Dry have another product called Earth Shield for external use which is a combined water repellent and surface binder.  Both these products, once applied, will not affect surface breathability.  Nama & Fuzzy will be applying this to a section of their outside wall next to where the hot tub will sit.

The painting Queens have also finished the master bedroom and it looks much sunnier now with light colour on the walls. 

Meanwhile, AC has been helping Fuzzy dig and fill trenches to hold the water pipes and electrical cables... very physically demanding work involving shovels and spades!

Fuzzy has also been occupied building his "cave" (as K2 has named it).  I was very impressed by the water filtration system he has created, giving us options to use tank or mains water, both of which are filtered prior to entering the house.  Nice work Fuzzy!