15 March 2020

Tank Day 2017

The long awaited arrival of our water tanks was an exciting day.  Placed on the concrete slab that held the recently demolished old shed, it was all hands on deck.  Friends, neighbours, even blokes who provided the compulsory traffic management got in on the act!  Fuzzy's trusty tractor, modified by MOTH to provide leverage and strength with an old mattress, came in super handy too.

And if you're curious to see the fun-times in action, here is a 2 minute video that covers roughly a 2-hour period showing placement of the second tank.

Internal update 2014-18

The reality that a house is never really finished is a bugger, yet slowly but surely improvements are being made.  There's still the odd internal strawbale wall yet to be sealed, cupboards built, overhanging eaves lined, front porch tiled and architraves painted.  

Internally, the central kitchen/meals area is all-but complete (except for the range hood that still - @ March 2020 - is unfinished)

full height cupboards on far wall yet to be built

and the long-awaited light fitting - hic, the wagon wheel - 
finally went up in 2018!

09 March 2020

Time flies... 2014-15 update

Oh yes it does!  A couple of years down the track and we're making progress. 
Let's begin with external changes:
May 2014 - the driveway is formed
and rockery

May 2015 - the drought has definitely broken

& earth works have levelled some areas

second driveway

pathways around house

and the lower deck was extended - all in time for K1's 18th birthday