29 July 2012

Rendering continues...

Take 2 of the second inside coat went well in the one day... not such a long day either, thankfully... but the mosh pit just got worse by the minute thanks to the constant rain.

Here's what the sky looked like today:

These pics below show the purpose of today's work... to flesh out the window frames ready for the final coat... before and after render, and then trowelled.

Not quite that simple tho, cos you can't just stop at the windows, so a good part of the walls were re-applied as well... tho fun was also had, and not just by the workers.

Here's a new angle I haven't covered before:
A final note to those who are interested: the third inside coat of render has been postponed to the weekend of 18-19 August, to allow coat #2 to dry properly.

22 July 2012

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Oh... what a weekend we've had.  The boys were running two mixers at the same time and still couldn't keep up with the demand... and it was just about killing them... even AC was shovelling dirt... Mr Sir was the ghost of a figure by lunchtime with him and MOTH not having much ooomph left for the afternoon of the second day... mud was sloshing from one end of the mosh pit to the other... by 3pm there was a call, loud and clear, for sugar, painkillers, energy drinks & lime burn remedies... what next folks?  Here's some pics that might help explain things.

 Before and after shots of the lounge room.

Calling in the experts (hard plasterers) to do the trowelling has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!  As you can see here, they keep up with Mark the Renderer quite easily... and they do a damn side better job than we ever could!

Wall-e and No.5 are a great team!  They'll be working night and day until the next round.
The second render is always the hardest because it's the thickest of all the coats.  Unfortunately, it couldn't be applied thick enough in some sections, so we're doing a one-day second-second coat render next Sunday, followed by the third and final coat the following weekend.  No rest for the wicket!

15 July 2012

Next Render...

The next coat of render is going on the inside walls the weekend coming - 21 & 22 July - thanks to Mr Sir who worked his butt off the past week or so to finish all the cobbing. 

We can now proudly claim that the walls are (almost) straight and window surrounds are (pretty much) even.  Our biggest dilemma is, however, that its so bloody cold this time of year in Melbourne, especially near the hills, that the render is just not drying quick enough.  So we've gone out and hired our very own Wall-e... ain't it cute?  and his partner is working in the next room.

Chippy mates have also done a great job laying the merbau decking, which may I add looks damn fine.

And the narcissist in me has to point out the awesome painting I've been doing of the eave boards... no doubt my chiropractor will thank me later!

Anyone interested in getting up close and personal to see the render process in action next weekend (and the third inside coat is booked for 4-5 August) is welcome to come along for a geeza.  No help required!  My advice tho... wear your oldest and warmest gear plus wellies... it's a cold muddy place to visit!