16 April 2011

Caddy joins the family... January 2011

LOTH doesn't feel very useful.  Just tending to the accounts is not enough and as we all know, fresh air and sunshine is important.  So is the appearance of our land. 

Since all the rain over summer, the green stuff on the ground, some call it grass, has gone mad and taken over. LOTH comes up with the bright idea of acquiring a ride-on mower.  Sounds like fun, hey?  There's no chance whatsoever that a standard lawn mower would cope and Fuzzy's tractor is not quite ready for this job, so we adopt a new member of the family and name her Caddy. 

Thankfully, she was placed on the trailer for us to take her home, but getting her off at the other end wasn't quite so easy.  Actually, it was hilarious to watch.  It took 4 of us to do the job.

Driving it downhill to the flat section looked scary, so MOTH took on the task of taking her out for a test drive, and to ensure Caddy was safe for LOTH to drive.  She is!  and LOTH enjoys every minute of it!

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