21 April 2012

Doors & Windows are in place...

Fuzzy & MOTH have installed all the window frames, and if it wasn't for the fact they run out of expanding foam, all doors would have been finished today as well.

I had the pleasure of watching the process from go to wo... and it was lovely to see father & son working together like a well oiled machine. 

Being European double-glazed windows, the frames are extremely heavy and all care is taken to see they are fitted precisely.  To start with, MOTH cleans all the dirt and muck off the door plate.  Then he takes measurements of the fixing block locations along the door frame and marks the door accordingly.  Metal clips are placed on the door at the exact location and the door is then lifted into position and adjusted to pefection.  While Fuzzy holds the door in a tilted position, MOTH squeezes silicone under the door to provide a waterproof barrier.  From there, the door is screwed in place while levels are constantly being checked.  Expanding foam will be applied to gaps tomorrow and the Master Cobbette will shape the wall to the edge of the window.



Meanwhile, the Master Cobbette (AC) continues on her mission...

and here's a window she prepared earlier...

I worked on removing the protective film from the window frames and placing Scotch Blue (a kind of masking tape) to define how much of the frame is covered by render and protect what is not being rendered.

AC's just about had enough of cobbing!  This photo shows the dry expanded foam quite well. 

We're all looking forward to next week.  The glaziers are coming first then the rendering crew return for coat number 3 on the outside walls.  yay

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