29 July 2012

Rendering continues...

Take 2 of the second inside coat went well in the one day... not such a long day either, thankfully... but the mosh pit just got worse by the minute thanks to the constant rain.

Here's what the sky looked like today:

These pics below show the purpose of today's work... to flesh out the window frames ready for the final coat... before and after render, and then trowelled.

Not quite that simple tho, cos you can't just stop at the windows, so a good part of the walls were re-applied as well... tho fun was also had, and not just by the workers.

Here's a new angle I haven't covered before:
A final note to those who are interested: the third inside coat of render has been postponed to the weekend of 18-19 August, to allow coat #2 to dry properly.

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