19 January 2013

Last Weekend...

We've had a productive week or so but there's been hiccups with loading up pics on blogger... so here's our update. 

MOTH & Fuzzy have been very creative putting together our beautiful window sills, made using the same materials as our flooring.  We have decided on a bamboo floating floor and the sills using the same bamboo lengths together with custom made bull-nose edging look fantastic.  There's still a bit of work to be done to finish off tho.
LOTH has been cleaning muck off windows
& sliding doors...
they look so much purdier without
all the dried up render.

Internal scaff has been re-hired so that AC can reach higher heights in the field of painting.

And a new addition last weekend... a Panel Lifter was hired to assist MOTH and Fuzzy to fit eave boards, kindly pre-painted by Nama.

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