09 February 2013

More achievements to celebrate!  Fuzzy put the last of the architraving on today... yay... which LOTH then had the thrill of bogging up... woo hoo

Skip #1 was taken away yesterday… finally and after much angst, and just in the nick of time for #2 to arrive (from a much more reputable company I might add) and fill itself... while the resident reclycling unit watched on in awe!  Only joshing… Rick happened to be on site with his excavator and filled it in a squillionth of the time it took UK and squash down the contents to fit more in.  Bonus!
Meanwhile, Nama was busy in the kitchen making lunches for all who turned up to labor (as she does every weekend)... yum... and UK exercised his muscles while hand digging the last of the trench work.

We're getting closer to the end folks!

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