30 August 2011


Not alot of super stimulating stuff happening at the moment.  MOTH and Fuzzy are making slow and steady progress on the wall building front, with the help of AC on weekends.  Much of the main level is complete with all sections tensioned and wacked, and the upper level is well on the way.  We're hoping to be all done by next week ready for the next stage... filling in the gaps where bales can't go and preparing for installation of windows. Nama has been industrious with a broom and bagging all the loose straw that we'll use for stuffing those gaps.

However this week, we took delivery of metal frames that form some of the stairs.  Blood, sweat and tears went into assembling the stairs up to AC's penthouse, but we're thrilled with the result. The treads are only temporary, but we all agree they fit in beautifully and add a rustic feel to the house.

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