19 August 2011

The Wacker...

Continuing with the captivating tale of how straw bale walls are constructed, I'll now tell you all about "the Wacker".  Now the Wacker is an essential tool used in the process of straightening bales at the time of tensioning the straps, as mentioned in the previous post.  A fantastically unique and ingenious apparatus really this Wacker, fashioned by the one and only MOTH, especially for the purpose of wacking bales into position.

Here are some photos to help make it clearer for you...

The making of
All ready for action

see?  nice straight walls

This is how it works

MOTH and UK having to
re-work the raincoat
due to high winds.
Footnote:  Only the handle was store bought. All other pieces were hand-made using recycled resources lying around on the property.

PS: There is a possibility that MOTH might be re-named "MacGyver".

PPS: I'd really like to show you a pic of some sensational wacking that occured (involving K1), but only on request if you email in triplicate and use the password "spank"!

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