12 March 2012


Today is a very special day... cos I can proudly announce the windows and doors are finally finished... just in the nick of time for the rendering guys who are booked for Monday, 19th.  That said, there's still a good few weeks worth of work to do in preparation, but we only have 7 days and it's gonna be tight.  Why don't we postpone, you ask?  well... that's just it... we've had enough delays and it just has to stop, so we've decided to bite the bullet and just get on with it.

So, if anyone is taking some annual leave and interested in joining us during rendering week, we'd be delighted to have you and feed you.

We acquired several 44 gallon drums
for use during and after rendering

Much else has happened too...

Fuzzy has put boards up around the house 
so the render goes on smooth
from top to very bottom

AC got tired of stuffing up
so she switched to stapling

Provision has been made
for the front door bellS


Kooki's hungry & is spotting
lizards and worms in the grass below

MOTH made bottom plates
for the door steps



2 trailer loads of bagged clay
had to be unloaded

Some are licking their wounds...





... others just want to escape!

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