30 March 2012

Second coat of render...

The second coat of render was applied (to the outside walls only) this week and as you can see, it has dried a touch lighter than the first coat, which is due to lime being added to the mix.  Lime gives the render strength and weather protection.  More care was needed during the process this time cos lime in the eyes aint nice, so the wearing of goggles and appropriate clothing was essential... not that MOTH wanted to hear the message (which I must add was delivered loud and clear... several times) cos he ended up with nasty lime burns to his finger tips... silly man really should have worn the sexy up-to-the-elbow gloves like the rest of us!  We were splattered in mud just as much as the week before too, but this time the advice was to wait until the globs had dried, then pick off the skin as you would a scab, then wash. 

The mix was much thicker and stickier than the first coat too, so my hope of having an easier time was not had.  In fact it was waaaay more difficult running a trowel over the walls.  The good news is tho... I could walk without discomfort and raise my arms above my head the next day... quite a good result really.

This would be an appropriate time to thank our regular volunteer Paul, a Melburnian who is in the planning stages to build his own straw bale home and comes along on the weekend every now and then to help out... and I suppose pick up some tips and tricks.  Thank you Paul for organising your RDO for Tuesday and assisting us in the rendering... your help was invaluable.

The chain gang

Paul balanced on a ladder
which sits on a temporary balcony

AC works her way up the wall;
as you can see the top section has
not been trowelled yet.

I'm told the cracks that have already formed along all the outside walls is a natural occurence, and so long as they don't become wide open gaping chasms, it's all A-ok.  Hmmm...
The next day... part dry
and the cracks start showing.

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