12 May 2012

Final coat came up trumps...

It's starting to look like an actual house... and we're thrilled.  The final outside coat came up beautifully and we are happy with the decision to not add a colour to the mix.  The final colour, now that it's 2 weeks on and pretty much dry, is a very nice beige-sand colour... very natural.

The photo on right is the same shot as the previous post.  Quite a difference hey?

It was hard yakka finishing up sponging the walls, several days work in fact, and as Nama pointed out, the skills learned by watching the Karate Kid helped a bit... wax on, wax off... that's how it was done.  Couldn't move arms at the end of the day tho...


The raincoat was taken off last week... how awesome is this!!!
(pity about the scaffolding)

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