12 May 2012

Let's straighten walls...

Many jobs are on the go right now.  Our main aim is to do all outside jobs that we can only access via the scaffolding, so sanding and painting fascia boards is this weekend's task, while we wait for the WeatherTex, weathergroove board for the eaves and between the cellar story windows.

In the meantime, the inside crew is straightening the walls ready for the second inside coat of render.  We've filled most of the rabbit holes but now have to deal with some lumps and bumps. This is a very specialised process involving MacGyver... oops MOTH's home-made wall-levelling device.
The gizmo is put in place
and levels adjusted

The lump in the wall is removed

and excess dirt brushed off

Nama sweeps away the muck


and AC gets on with the cobbing

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