20 August 2012

Rendering is complete...

The final coat of inside render was applied on the weekend.  The mosh pit got so bad the mixing space had to be moved.  The first day it rained non stop and the outside personnel were not happy about working with Lime in these conditions. 
Nonetheless, the job was completed before lunch on the second day and the rendering crew got to go home early.  Here we farewelled the boys and their machinery for the last time...

But the day didn't end there for everybody else.  The hard-working hard plasterers were doing their thing inside and the loungeroom (see earlier pics in post 22 July - internal walls with blueboard sides were first covered in fine chicken wire) was completely rendered and came up a treat.
Paul and his trusty trowel finished off the door frames (to accommodate skirting boards) beautifully.    Here's AC and Paul trowelling and sponging together...

Now the walls just need to be sponged off to make them nice and smooth, but as they're still quite wet, we'll have to wait a few days before we can get stuck into that.

Next job... the big clean up... and it'll be massive!

PS:  we're all very happy our rendering days are over !!!

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