02 May 2013

A wee bit of progress...

Dear EP,

Here wee are at the dirty end of business. The poo pipe is operatational and K2 had the pleasure of christening the loo.  Unfortunately he wouldn't let me take a pic of the momentus occasion, not that the particular experience is momentus, but the actual event of using the toilie IN DA HOUSE for the first time was quite special.  Anyways, we dressed it up for the occasion... a wee bit smashing hey?

On a more spectacular note, the internal balustrade was installed today.  We have been really impressed with Tarosa Stairs and are super happy with the final product.  During the week, the temporary treads were removed, the framework cleaned up and the runners painted with a flat black enamel paint, which happens to match perfectly with the finish of the powder coated steel bars of the baludstrade. The only job left to do is stain and varnish the handrails to match the new treads.  

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