15 May 2013

Summer is over...

Apparently Melbourne has just had it's final days of warm sunny weather.  The weekend temps were around 25c which was just beautiful, alas now it seems we've hit cold times and are now putting up with wet, windy, 12 degree days.  yuk

It was fascinating to see the 3:00pm sun hit the kitchen wall through the celestory windows, exactly as it should.

The house was deliberately positioned so we benefited from the winter sun but avoid the direct sun in the summer months.

Painting continues but now it's doors.  To speed things along, MOTH has transferred some of our storage boxes from the shed to act as stands so right now, every available room is being used for the purpose.

The vanity purchased on eBay for the powder room has received shiny new taps and happily placed into it's proper position. The wall mirror also bought on eBay will go on the wall and that room will be complete.

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