30 June 2013


Rick has been doing a mighty fine job of shaping the driveway, with the added bonus of tidying up a good chunk of the overgrown and messy areas near the entrance and fenceline.

Wow... what a difference a few days with the excavator can make!!!

Despite the fact we have a huge amount of rocks scattered all over the place, and Rick has worked very hard to dig up each and every one of them, we needed more and took delivery of 2 truck loads, along with extra topsoil.

 We have hot water now which is really noice!  Carpet is being installed on Tuesday so we've been frantically working to finish all the painting jobs in time.  MOTH invested in a bewt 10ft ladder so that he could reach the highest points of the rendered walls in the loungeroom as they needed sealing before the carpet was laid.  The ladder also came in handy when a smoke detector started chirping today.
PS: Nama & Fuzzy got to move in yesterday. It's our turn next weekend. 
woo hoo... house packing this week

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