08 June 2013

Exciting News !!!

The best possible news of all is that we now have permission to live in the house.  A "Claytons" inspection was arranged for yesterday, primarily so we could find out exactly what was required to finish the house for satisfactory final inspection.  Although the inspector did point out a couple of items that require attention, alas a final inspection certificate was not issued (no surprises here), he did give permission for us to occupy which hit us all like a bolt out of the blue.  Naturally, we are over-the-moon happy with this news... a massive step in getting outta where we are currently residing!

Nama & Fuzzy are pretty much all ready to move in.  Once the hot water service and oven are delivered, no doubt we will bid them farewell.

The remaining sections of the house still have some painting to be completed, mainly architraves and skirting boards, then the carpet can be laid in readiness for our furniture to come.

Stay tuned folks cos we're hoping to move out of the rental in a month's time!  woo hoo...

Items to be attended to for the fair dinkum final inspection aren't major, but we have time and aren't too concerned about it.  What does need immediate attention is the driveway.  At the moment there's no way of reaching the garage on wheels from either direction so Rick and his excellent excavator will be starting work very soon to level out one side and finish with gravel topping so we can at least get a removals truck to the door.

Note to anyone visiting:  Unless the garage doors are open, you'll need to access the front door/porch via the side entry, between garage and house.  Due to the OH&S hazard (big hole in front of the porch), we have blocked off the access.

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