01 September 2012

The Big Clean Up...

As much as we cleaned up as we went along, thanks mostly to Nama & Fuzzy who put in the hours during the week, there's still a heap of mud and muck on the floors and splattered render to be removed from doors, windows and woodwork. 

Nama had the idea to put large sheets of plastic and/or fabric on the floors to catch as much of the muck as possible during the rendering process and this was quite effective but didn't cover everything.  The boys decided to just gather it all up and toss it over the balcony.

... just deferring the real clean up to later I suppose...

There's also quite a bit of sponging to be done on the internal walls, even tho they're now completely dry... and that makes the work 100 times harder on the shoulders.  All very necessary as the trowel marks need to be removed so the walls look oh so pretty.

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