13 September 2012


It's all happening folks... the plumber is finishing off the roughing-in and same for the sparky, all the while the plasterer has started and from what I hear, Nama & Fuzzy's end of the house is all but ready to be painted. 

Most of us have decided that we'll leave the internal rendered walls natural but wash them with a lime based milky mixture to contain the dust.  At this stage, only K2 is painting his bedroom walls an actual colour.

Downstairs in the communal meals area
facing the above right rooms
Meanwhile, MOTH and Fuzzy are loading up walls, floors and everything in between with insulation batts and working on other inside jobs, while I continue painting eaves and AC repairs cracks in the outside render before the scaffolding goes.

Did I tell you about the elephant in the room?  ... it's hangin' out with our biggest fan!

We're so proud of K1... she's taken up pole dancing.

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